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Soul Expression- What is this all about?

Wow, this is my second blog post and to tell you the truth, I believe that God has shown me a few things or two. I am walking with him gladly and am excited about this journey!

I feel the Lord is telling me that this blog is more for me than anyone else?

Interesting huh? There are things that I must learn during my current journey of blogging. I invite you to learn along with me! I hope that this blog serves YOU! However, I know that each week I must listen to what it is the Lord is teaching me!

As you read each week, I am blessed to have you learn with me. I am blessed to have you here allowing me to be honest. I am blessed to have you, period!

This morning (Saturday to be exact) in Illinois was amazing. The temperature was about 60 degrees with sunshine and I took my morning walk. I am dedicated to walking and moving my body more. It is part of my healing lifestyle. I love feeling the sun on my face, hearing the birds chirp, and seeing all of the animals and creatures that roam about.

I want to show you a cute bunny I saw this morning! He or she is so sweet! Look real hard!

This bunny was such a pleasure to see. I believe that being with nature allows me to heal my hurting self. ( Click on the link to read the previous blog.) It is so nurturing. Nature and the animals are real to me. Being in nature zaps me out of the internet life and makes me feel alive again. Oh, how I long to feel alive and connected at a time in my life when I feel the pain, loss, and confusion of losing my 40-year-old brother. I long for this healing and understanding.

As I wander and wonder about life and what healing will be like after the death of my brother, I am reminded by the Lord that I need to connect with HIM and have a close relationship with HIM.

I have to honor how he created me and allow our relationship to thrive as I share the way I was created with YOU!

I have been hearing the word, "Soul Expression" lately. I know as I sit here on these pages that there is such a deep need of mine above all else to express myself.

Simple. Express myself!

.....This need of wanting to express myself runs deeper than finding the best career.

.....It runs deeper than wanting to buy the nicest things.

.....It runs deeper than wanting to live in the biggest house.

The desire to express myself is vital and important to my existence and to the existence of the relationship it is that I have with my Father God!

Therefore, the journey of this blog will be part of my soul expression. I love to coach and teach but to express my soul is what I long for.

Could it be that this is what most people long for? The need to express themselves in a safe space and allow themselves to be HONEST, really HONEST?

Maybe, maybe not? But I do hear the Lord prompting me that to continue to heal in this life, I need to express myself. I need to share my SOUL EXPRESSION.

What is a SOUL EXPRESSION? I believe it is how the Lord made me and made you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made with a unique soul design. A unique way that you can share yourself to glorify God. I like to write. I feel safe writing and expressing myself. I feel that God can work through me when I write. I love feeling the Holy Spirit and the creative energy that flows from him.

What do you think your Soul expression is? Is it painting? Is it drawing? Is it speaking? Is it creating music? Is it design? Is it? Is it? Is it? You tell me!


We can find out together. I am always here as your coach with Step into a New Day Life Coaching LLC!

There are so many possibilities. Now is the time for me to accept my SOUL EXPRESSION and use it for the glory of God. How about you?

I do not believe myself to be a good writer. However, when I write from my SOUL and not from my monkey mind that wants to judge, criticize, and control; I know that I can inspire and create positive influence and change. Just ask my high school English teacher. He was notorious for giving his students failing grades on papers so that his students would improve and work on writing. I always got those failing grades except for this one time. This one time, I wrote straight from my heart, my soul's expression, and I got an A the first time around! WOW! I will never forget that. But I buried my writing for a long time.

You cannot bury your Soul Expression. You must allow it to come out! When it comes out, others will notice too!

The Lord wants me to continue on this journey of allowing my soul expression to shine through. I will obey the Lord. I have no idea what will come out each week, but I am thankful for you to be here.

My dear reader, when you step out with the Lord, you will not know what is next either. But I encourage you to do it anyway!

What is your soul expression? How can you get to that deep place of expression?

At the end of the day, life coaching does allow the client to express themselves deeply and for that, I am so thankful to be doing God's good work!

Please know that you are not alone and that you just might be searching for your SOUL EXPRESSION too! I love you and God loves you! All are welcome here!

I invite you to subscribe to this blog if you are a hurting person who is still determined to lead a healing life! I am here for it and I can't wait to see where the Lord takes us!

Please pass this along to friends and family who would be interested in these topics.

I love you!

God Bless You!


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11


Would you like to Step into your New Day with one-on-one Life Coaching?

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