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Make Life a "Get to" not a "Have to"

Hello, my dear reader! Thank you for being here once again as I follow the lead of the Lord and write!

I just got off of a coach call. I am a life coach. I love it! I work with women and love coaching around the mind, body, spirit, and home, and aligning women with God's best for their lives. It is an honor to be able to walk with the women that I have so far! WOW! I do pinch myself in gratitude that the Lord has entrusted me with his precious daughters! I am so grateful. This work is purposeful and this is what I have been searching for all of my life. I was born to live a life of purpose and.......


Speaking of life coaching. I was on a coach call with my coach the other day. Yes, I have a life coach, a therapist, and a naturopathic doctor. They are my team! This team helps me live a life of healing.

I love living life optimally my dear reader! Do you? Do you want to?

I will write a blog soon about the importance of having a team for yourself but back to the fact that I had a coach call the other day and a revelation came to the surface.

I GET to live life! I don't HAVE to!

What? I GET to live life! You GET to live life! We don't have to. Oh my! I am so used to striving, working hard, and killing myself with stress and discomfort to LIVE life. This was my old mindset. My thoughts and energy would circle on a normal basis and I was trapped in survival mode AKA " Have to" mode! I did not live in the "GET to" mode my dear reader. I had a hard time and still struggle with the "GET to" life!

What is the "Get to life", you ask?

Huh? I am still massaging this thought at this very moment but, my dear reader, the "GET to" life is here right now because you are ALIVE! Many of us have lost loved ones that we treasured so deeply. These loved ones of ours are not able to be in the flesh here and now. They are not allowed at this moment to "GET to!" It makes me so sad to think about this. However, if we are still alive, we are allowed the time and opportunity to "GET to" We are still in the flesh here on earth and we "GET to" my dear reader!

What do we "GET to" do?

There are so many things my dear reader and I want you to take time to make a list for yourself but I will share what I have been contemplating. It is important to declare our "GET to's" because there is always a shadow that wants us back into survival mode and does not want us to experience life while we are here on earth.

But GOD..... With God..... We "GET to".....



Hold hands



Share food

Read a book

See a cardinal

Watch the sunrise

View a sunset

Smell the Spring air

Feel the sun on our back

Drive with the top down

Wear fun clothes

Move our bodies

Eat wonderful food

Look into the eyes of our loved ones

Listen to stories from our loved ones

Cultivate a spiritual relationship with our creator as a human being

Laugh with good friends


Begin again

Start over

Reinvent ourselves



See our loved ones grow up and do amazing things

Watch ourselves grow and do amazing things

Did I mention you get to HUG those you love? (This is what I miss the most from my brother:()

We get to LOVE in the flesh here on earth!

We "GET to" my dear one!

I have been sad, stuck, and off-kilter since the death of my dear brother. However, the thought of "GET to" is helpful. I am reminded that life is a gift. We are here because God purposed us here. We are here for a reason. We are to be a light in the world and ENJOY this beautiful world. It is the simple things my dear reader. The simple! It does not have to be extravagant.

I am going to enjoy the simple. I "GET to" do, be, and take in the SIMPLE!

The simple is all around us! It is here and we have to open our eyes to see it! I will look for it my dear reader, will you?

How can we live a life of "GET to" and not "HAVE to?"

The " HAVE to" life is filled with drudgery, disillusionment, lack of motivation and appreciation, wonder, joy, and magic!

I believe we are invited to shift our mindset. The primary work of a life coach is to help clients shift their mindsets. How can we shift our mindsets at this moment?

We can imagine that life is coming to an end in 1 year. I invite us to answer these questions based on this imaginary exercise.

....... What do we want to see in a year?

........ Who do we want to spend time with this year?

.........How do we want to feel this year?

..........What do we want to let go of this year?

........ Who do we need to forgive this year?

.........How do we want to love ourselves more this year?

Do you feel a sense of urgency and or more intentionality? Maybe things that used to seem like a big deal are not anymore? Has your mind shifted a bit?

How can we take this mindset shift and bring it into our present moment living?

We can look at our list daily as a reminder. We can ask God to open our minds to "GET to" living! I want to go there, my dear reader! Will you go with me? Let's do this!

Please know that you are not alone and that you just might be searching for your "GET to" life as well. I love you and God loves you! All are welcome here!

I invite you to subscribe to this blog if you are a hurting person who is still determined to lead a healing life! I am here for it and I can't wait to see where the Lord takes us!

Please pass this along to friends and family who would be interested in these topics.

I love you!

God Bless You!


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11


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Brandis...the GET TO GIRL...I love this. Such a great mindset to take into and embrace the day with. Thanks for challenging us to get through to the other side called FREEDOM.

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Thank you for reading Misty!!!❤️❤️❤️

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