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Step Into A New Day
Life Coaching 

Live God’s best for your life!


My dear one...

Does the following sound familiar? Life was going really well and then, all of a sudden, you felt trapped? You lost yourself, your confidence, your patience, your vision, and your inner glow? You did not know exactly what God wanted for you in this life? You thought you were on the right path, but clearly you had been thrown off track and would like to make your way again?


I understand my dear one -- that was me. I battled living with guilt and shame for a long time. Uncovered trauma that happened at a young age and two premature babies left me with grief and self-condemnation that prevented me from moving forward in my life.


It took courage on my part to ask for help. What helped me was my very best friend Jesus, my heavenly father God, my journal, therapy, and a Life Coach. I was able to start moving forward, create a vision for my life, and take actionable steps towards my new day so that I can serve you! 


Have you come to the point in your life where you are ready to open a new door?  Would you like to experience growth that will allow you to Step into your new day?

You deserve a new day my dear one! You do not have to stay stuck! God has a plan for your life! And I am here to help you.


Through our coaching sessions, you will be able to live your life with intention, vision, and aliveness! I will help you open new doors for your life, so that you can live out God’s best plans and promises.


A Guided Christian Journal

Written by Brandis Phelan, this guided journal leads you on journey, a unique experience for each reader.

Step Into Love & Connection


About Brandis Phelan...

Hi, I’m Brandis!  I help women just like you come alive within themselves. I find great joy in seeing the women I work with find freedom and joy while strengthening connections to their most beloved. This can be connections to family, self, God and other things that the woman values. The women I work with hone in on these great connections and then boldly step into their dreams and God’s best for their lives.


In order for you to experience the same, I, as your coach, will provide a safe space for deep conversation and thought provoking questions that will lead you to better awareness. I love helping you take this awareness and turn it into action so that you can move closer and closer to what it is that you want. I will listen effectively and truly feel honored to journey soul to soul with you!

Some personal information about me is: I was a Spanish high school teacher turned stay-at-home-mom /You-Tuber turned Professional Christian Life Coach and Author. I enjoyed teaching immensely and it was my entire identity. To my surprise, God had other plans for me and wanted me to work on childhood trauma. I left teaching back in 2011, not knowing what I would do next. It was scary, but I trusted the Lord. I had to learn to wear Christ as my identity and not my profession. Relying on Christ and his promises helped me battle my next trauma which was having my daughter and son both premature at 34 weeks.  They both had intensive stays in the NICU, neonatal intensive care unit, for two weeks. I also was on bed rest for a month before the birth of my son. This all rocked my world and I felt like a failure as a mother before I even started. I experienced PTSD, embarked on EMDR therapy, and stayed close to God, my journal, and felt my feelings! However, I needed to move forward once I was healed. I was able to move past my pain and see my future with a Life Coach, someone who helped me go towards my future and bloom into whom I was truly meant to be.

I was determined to Step into my new Day!
"A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps"  Proverbs 16:9

I want this for you too, my dear one! Step into a New Day Life Coaching is ready to walk with you to your new day. Each step you take is enough and a testament to fighting for this one and only life that you have. I am here with you as we seek the steps that God wants you to take. It is a true honor to do so!

My dear one, if you are at a crossroads ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What will my life look like 10 years from now if I choose life and move towards my dreams?

  2. What will my life look like 10 years from now if it remains the same?


I am here my dear one to see you through!


Coach Brandis

What My Clients Say


Yvonne U.

Working with Brandis was an amazing experience! Her knowledge, preparation, communication skills, prayers, and guidance helped me to find the potential that I had inside me all along. I highly recommend anyone who’s looking for a coach to come alongside you to find what’s missing, contact Brandis immediately, and don’t look back! 

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