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Brandis Phelan

Professional Background:
BA Spanish MA Spanish Literature
CPLC- Certified Professional Life Coach from Professional Christian Coaching Institute

ACC- Associate Certified Coach from International Coaching Federation
Author of The Climb Volume 1

The Coaching Process

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as: “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”


My dear one, we are a soul team. We partner together from the very first discovery call. I am here as your equal. I never tell you what to do but rather ask you thought-provoking questions, and allow you the space to answer them so that you can set your agenda for the call. The coaching process allows us to dig deep, focus, fill in the gaps from where you are to where you want to be, and move toward action. You will be so surprised my dear one how beautiful a session is and that you walk away with something important to do, be or process!


The coaching process will begin with a 90-minute session that enables us to set your BIG AGENDA and what we are really wanting to accomplish together! We then proceed session to session, each being confidential, creative, and action-oriented so that you can reach what it is you and God desire for your life. A very important part of the coaching process is that I am here for accountability. I hold you accountable during the session and am available in between calls where the magic of coaching really happens! Are you ready?

Brandis Phelan
Professional Christian Life Coach & Author.

Coaching, Speaking & Teaching


1-on-1 Monthly Coaching

This service is designed to help you grow and get from where you are to where you want to be. Our partnership will help you fill in your gaps and live God’s best for your life!


  • 2-3 coaching sessions per month

  • 1st session is 90 minutes 

  • All other sessions are 50 minutes in length

  • Welcome Packet and Life Satisfaction Survey

  • Assessments and Homework in between sessions

  • Prep Form before each session

  • 10-15 minute complimentary spot calls between sessions done via text, phone, email, etc..

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Group Coaching

“The Climb” group workshop is available to mothers groups that want to hone in on themselves, have time to explore, and unleash their ability to dream again. This group coaching experience will result in growing their connection to God, themselves, and others. 


  • *The Climb Guided Journal

  • *Time for worship, fellowship, reflection, journaling, and action steps

  • *Step into a New Day Life Coaching will facilitate the group coaching at the location of choice.

  • *6-week program

  • *Outside Group Connection


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Are you looking for a speaker to talk to your mothers group?

Step into a New Day Life Coaching can speak about about a variety of topics and provide opportunities for reflection and discussion. Here are some examples:


  1. Decluttering

  2. The Hurting to Healing Mother

  3. Self-Care

  4. How to go after your dreams

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Would you like to learn how to journal? Step into a New Day Life Coaching is very passionate about helping mothers journal as a way to manage their mental health. Learning how to journal will result in a healthy mind and emotions. Here are topics of journaling that Step into a New Day Life Coaching loves to teach about.


  1. Journaling to work through emotions like; worry/anxiety, depression, happiness and joy, negative self-talk, lack of motivation, fear, perfectionism, and anger.

  2. Journaling as a form of Healing

  3. Journaling for Encouragement

  4. Close the Gap Journaling

  5. What do I Really Want Journaling?

  6. Gratitude Journaling

  7. Commitment Journaling

  8. Self- Care Journaling

  9. Vision Journaling


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